Who we are

We are creators. Whether it’s a 10-second Instagram video or a nationwide campaign, we help brands create a compelling brand presence through eye-catching visuals and copy. The customer journey starts with content. We help our clients create a voice that speaks to their audience and content that they won’t forget. 

With the rapidly evolving digital landscape, we recognize how hard it is to keep up with changing algorithms, new platforms, updates and features. More than likely, you’ve spent hours or even days trying to figure it all out, and by the time you do, everything will have changed again. Our goal is to help you eliminate that stress and create content that works for your brand.

What we do

Meiracle & Co. focuses on strategic marketing solutions, helping business owners execute content across the entire digital landscape and propel brands by making bold moves online. By establishing a compelling brand presence, we’ve helped customers achieve online success that align with their business objectives. Our experience extends from helping small-to-medium sized businesses grow and scale their brand presence to managing nationwide social media campaigns for larger corporations.

We recognize a need for brands to succeed on social media, which is why we start with creating you a thorough strategy that understands your entire digital footprint as it stands today and maps out a plan for what you need to do to get where you need to be. From social media management to 1-on-1 consulting, we’re with you every step of the way.

A little bit more...

Meira | @meiracle

Welcome to Meiracle & Co.! Ecstatic to use this website to share ideas and experiences when it comes to marketing, social media, networking, entrepreneurship, personal branding and more, to help you achieve success with your business. Whether it’s personal or professional, my goal is to help brands grow and creating realistic strategies to get there.

I’ve been in the marketing world for 6+ years and love every minute of it. Prior to starting Meiracle & Co., I’ve gained an extensive amount of experience managing multiple social media accounts in various industries – from startups to large corporations, I’ve worked with tons of incredible companies with powerful products and services and have helped business owners scale their business through social media and digital marketing tactics. If that wasn’t enough, I spent over 4 years organizing networking events for young professionals, working with my team to turn it into the largest event for young professionals in North America.

My journey has also turned me into a Beauty Blogger and Social Influencer (@lashbosses) in the beauty industry, working with global brands on various campaigns over the years. From Maybelline to L’Oreal, to my face in Shoppers Drug Mart – being a content creator in the beauty industry has been pretty unreal. Networking is still very important to me which is why I host social mixers for Professionals in Toronto, alongside my team at Shuffle Social (@shufflesocial) and am the co-founder of an e-commerce lash business called Lash Drop (@lashdrop).